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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Movie Binge

I've been on a bit of a movie binge in the last few days. I'm behind and trying to catch up! I rented WALK THE LINE. LOVED it! I don't understand this -- I've never been a fan of Johnny Cash's or June Carter's music, but I really loved hearing it in the movie. Wish I had seen this one on the big screen. It did strike me that there are a quite a few parallels between Johnny Cash's life and Ray Charles' life. Both were raised poor. Both lost brothers during childhood. Both felt responsible for their brother's death. Both became music legends. Both developed a drug problem and had numerous extra-marital affairs. And both loved a strong woman who helped them turn their life around. I have a son who is a musician. I hope the above process isn't required to achieve success in the music industry!

The next movie I rented is LOGGERHEADS. This one is not filled with "big name" movie stars. It stars Tess Harper, Bonnie Hunt, Michael Kelly, Michael Learned (John Boy's mom on The Walton's!), Kip Pardue and Chris Sarandon. It won awards at Sundance and is somewhat of an "artsy" film. As with many films of this sort, it's full of angst and explores a touchy social topic. I thought it was well-acted, thought-provoking and heartwrenching. Some of the themes remind me of my novel, THE ME I USED TO BE.

Last, I rented MRS. HENDERSON PRESENTS. This one received some Oscar nods, though I can't recall in which categories. Whichever, they were well deserved! It's funny and touching and the chemistry between Judi Dench and Bob Hoskins is fantastic. It captured the feel of the old 1940's big musical production movies I loved to watch as a kid. I really enjoyed it.

If you're looking for a good movie to rent and haven't seen these, I recommend them all!

Off to write. I sent a new proposal to my editor yesterday for another women's fiction novel. Now I have a young adult novel to finish up. I hope soon. It's called PICTURE THIS and I really want a publisher to buy it. It's about a sixteen year old girl who is an amateur photographer. It's funny and spooky and sad in parts. It's a nice change of pace for my writing and I'm having fun with it.

Have a good day!



Britta Coleman said...

Great tips on the flicks, Jenny! I loved Walk the Line, too, and I'll definitely have to add the others to my must-see list.

And fingers crossed on the YA - but you don't need it!

dee said...

so that's what you've been up to the last few days....I thought you'd been awfully quiet....