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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Eerie Things

Good Morning! I am procrastinating getting to work on my new book proposal. Thanks goodness for blogs! I can say I'm writing even though I'm not writing what I should be writing! Does that make sense?

While in Hawaii, we came across this lookout bunker from World War 2 while hiking down a beach one morning. Later, on other beaches, we saw more of these. Interesting and a bit eerie. Not much room inside. We didn't go to Pearl Harbor since we'd already visited it on a prior trip ten years ago. If you're ever able to go there, do. An eerie hushed silence surrounds the memorial site. It's difficult to describe, but I noticed the same silence when I visited the memorial where the Oklahoma City bombings took place and the 911 site in New York City.

Speaking of eerie, on the only day in Oahu that the rain kept us inside, I finished reading Blood Memory by Greg Ihles. Wow. It took me a few chapters to get into the story, but once I did it gripped me. I would classify this book as a literary psychological thriller. It's written in first person and the writing is beautiful and descriptive. Considering it's about a serial killer, it's sometimes disturbingly descriptive! And it's eerie as the protagonist begins to unravel psychologically while unraveling the mystery. The subject matter -- child molestation -- might be too upsetting for some readers, but I thought Ihles handled it well.

I've decided to read all the books that are nominated for a Rita Award in my category. Not sure if I'm trying to torture myself -- I don't have a chance! This book is too good! I'm not worthy of being in the same room with this author! Or if I'm trying to encourage myself. This book is great, but mine is just as good! Maybe...just maybe I have a chance! I've already finished
Table For Five by Susan Wiggs. I've always enjoyed her writing and her books, and this one was no exception. At this point, I'm still wavering back and forth day-to-day/hour-to-hour between I'm not worthy and Maybe just maybe...

Better get to work before the day slips away and I look out my window to see that the sun is setting. I only wish the view looked like this!

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Desperate Writer said...

Ooh, I know that kind of silence. It is eerie.

And I think you have an EXCELLENT chance at the RITA. :)

dee said...

I wish the sunset from my office looked so wonderful! Maybe it will be while we're on our cruise..I hope so!

Jennifer said...


YOu are soooo kind!

Jennifer said...


When is the cruise! How fun! I'd like to stow away...

alisa said...

I am not surprised you are nominated for a RITA and I won't be surprised when you win. :-)