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Monday, March 06, 2006

Sometimes It's Tough To Remember I'm A Diva

Hi cyberfolk,

I have a coffee mug that proclaims I am "Queen Of Everything" and my writing critique group members and I call ourselves "The Divas." You may think I'm delusional but, really, these are just ways to remind myself that "I am worthy." Like Garth and Wayne in Wayne's World, sometimes it's easy to think otherwise. Whenever Rodney Dangerfield would say, "I don't get no respect," I sympathized. Why? Because when you're a writer it's easy to let yourself feel beaten down by editor and/or agent rejections, negative book reviews, ho-hum sales figures and a jillion and one other spirit-bruising things that are an every day part of this business. I spent the past weekend with a group of wonderful writers in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. My hosts, Britta Coleman (www.brittacoleman) and Candace Havens (www.candacehavens.com) know how to treat writer spirits with tender-loving care. On Saturday we had a fantastic multi-author booksigning at the Lewisville Barnes and Noble thanks to Debbe, the CRM at the store, as well as all the readers, writers, friends and family (waving madly at Angie, Bob, Larry, Lara, Chase and Peyton!) who showed up to support us. Thanks to all of you. It was fun seeing stacks of my new book My Perfectly Imperfect Life on the table. Before the signing, though, we ate and shopped and ate and shopped some more. (Britta and Candy are dangerous! Within an hour and a half of stepping off the plane on Friday, I'd purchased two necklaces. Shoes soon followed.) After the signing, Britta's gracious husband, Kern, cooked a delicious meal for us while we sat with our feet up and celebrated our diva-hood. We wore pj's, tiaras and rhinestone crown necklaces while we sipped sangria. Yes, we really wore tiaras! Candy and Britta presented them to each of us, along with the necklaces. Six grown women sat up until one a.m. talking about writing, books, friendship, husbands, kids and assorted other topics, and the tiaras stayed on until the end! I loved it! By the time I flew home yesterday, I really did feel like a diva! (My very nice mother-in-law continued the illusion by picking me up curbside and chauffering me home!)

This morning, I'm thinking about how smart Britta and Candy are. They know how important it is to take care of their spirits and the spirits of others. In the midst of all the busy-ness, sometimes you have to stop and take a breath, get together with people you care about, laugh and act silly. Focus on the good. Remind yourself of what it is you love about your work -- be it writing or anything else.

In other news, my novel Sandwiched is now available in audio at www.audible.com! It can be downloaded onto CD, or onto your computer, Ipod or MP3 player. The three women who read the parts of Belle, CiCi and Erin did such a fantastic job I got tears in my eyes when I first heard them. It's so surreal listening to their voices. Those characters who talked in my head while writing the book, actually speak aloud! Very cool.

Have a great week!



Desperate Writer said...
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Desperate Writer said...

Sounds like you had a great time!

Jenny said...

It was very fun, dw! That bad news is, now it's hard to get back to work!

Britta Coleman said...

What a blast! I had such a great time, and you're right - we HAVE to celebrate friendships and fun while we're on this crazy writing journey.

Thanks for flying in and being silly with us.

By the way, the shoes and necklaces were way too fabulous to leave in the stores. I would be less than a friend if I let you abandon perfectly wonderful accessories. :)

Karen said...

You are the Diva! I'm reading My Perfectly Imperfect Life, and I love it. No one below Diva status could have written Dinah and Dottie's story with so much insight.

Jennifer said...

I have already worn the necklaces and shoes like crazy this week! Thanks for twisting my arm to buy them, Britta! (As if you had to twist it, right?!)

Jennifer said...

Karen, I'm glad you're loving Dinah and Dottie's story!