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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Stability Is Highly Overrated

Summer has definitely arrived at my house and it proves to be a busy one! We just returned from a weekend trip to the mountains with family and had a wonderful time. My youngest son went back to college this morning and I'm playing catch-up! Meanwhile, I received the back cover copy a.k.a. "blurb" for my August 2006 release OFF HER ROCKER. Here it is!

“Enjoy every second you have with them. Tomorrow you’ll wake up, and they’ll be all grown.”

Twenty years ago, Dana Logan reacted to this statement like any new mother would—with disbelief. Tomorrow? Didn’t the years ahead stretch like a long, sunny road…with no end in sight?

Well, Dana’s just fallen into that end. Hard. It’s like her whole life has been a prep course—only, without warning, they’ve canceled the test. Her children don’t seem to need anything she is able to give.

Okay—so she’ll just have to find someone who does want what she has to offer. If she has to drive into Hell to do it….

Judging by the sign she just passed—“Welcome to Hell. Population 512”—she already has….


dee said...

I love this!! and how fitting....I think they captured the idea of this one better than they have the others ....and they touched on the humor....although I would have really laughed if they'd brought up the nonexistant spa in Hell.....

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