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Thursday, April 19, 2012

A Workshop: Penning the Pitch-Perfect Proposal

Writers in and around Lubbock, Texas: Do you have a book that you're ready to start shopping to publishers? Or have you already been sending it out but your collection of rejection letters is growing while your confidence shrinks? Come to my workshop on Saturday the 21st (day after tomorrow!!) and raise your chances of selling your book! Here are the details... (and p.s.-- I promise to try not to make the face I'm making in the photo below!) :) 

Writer Workshop in Lubbock with author Jennifer Archer
Saturday, April 21, 2012 from 9:00 to 3:00
Room 209, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Texas Tech University
Lubbock, Texas
(email Alisa texpeso@aol.com for directions)


Are you tired of sending your book proposal out to agents and editors and hearing, “Thanks, but no thanks?”

In this 6 hour workshop, you’ll learn:

• What a synopsis/query should be, as opposed to what you probably think it is

• The # 1 thing agents and editors look for in your proposal

• How to write a query and synopsis that will make agents/editors want MORE

• The importance of structure in a proposal

• How to find your hook – or the “hot premise”

• The importance of conveying the tone of your book in your query/synopsis

• How to use turning points to structure your synopsis


Bring your current query and synopsis if you have one . . . or just your story idea. Bring paper and something to write with. Bring an open mind and a willingness to learn! Archer will use as examples the proposals that sold her books THROUGH HER EYES (currently available in hardback and ebook) and ONCE UPON A DREAM (currently available in ebook at Amazon for Kindle and barnesandnoble.com for Nook), & THE ME I USED TO BE. It will be helpful, although not mandatory, if you have read at least one of these books prior to the workshop.

Jennifer Archer has written eleven novels and three novellas, as well as numerous non-fiction works. She has been a finalist twice for Romance Writers of America’s Golden Heart award, and in 2006 was a finalist for the prestigious Rita Award and a nominee for a Romantic Times Bookclub Magazine Reviewer’s Choice Award. Her debut Young Adult novel, THROUGH HER EYES, was an April, 2011 release from Harper Collins & her next novel, THE SHADOW GIRL, will be published by Harper Collins in 2013. Archer has taught creative writing and has presented numerous talks and workshops for educators, students, writers' organizations and bookstores. Visit her website at www.jenniferarcher.net

$25.00 per person (mail check or money order to below address) Alisa Dollar, PO Box 98376, Lubbock, Texas 79499

texpeso@aol.com 806-283-1031

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

SIMPLICITY Cover Reveal!

My friend Valia Lind's book SIMPLICITY has undergone a makeover! I'm honored to be one of several blogs revealing her new cover today. Isn't it beautiful? Here's what SIMPLICITY is all about:

Driven, beautiful Alexis Sinclair lives her life to the fullest, following her dreams of running a big company. But when her world is torn apart by a storm, everything she has ever known disappears. Now, marooned on an island with a group of men, Alexis must learn to live in a world made up of simple things. Letting go of every known convenience, she realizes how insignificant her life has become. Filled with unrequited love for her rescuer, she must battle the demons buried deep inside and she must look within herself and to her faith to find the strength needed to survive. 

Strong and influential, Jacob Peterson, has done all he can to survive. When fate turned its tables on him, he learned to cope with the inevitable. Plagued by his past and secrets buried there, Jacob exerts a rigid control, refusing to succumb to the joys and torturous pain of strong emotions. Without considering love-a gift he may never receive, he believes--he chooses to live by a strict set of rules. But when a strange beautiful woman washes up on his beach, the walls that he has put up long ago begin to crumble. Is she a punishment sent from God to torment his weary soul? Or is she a gift, sent from above to teach him how to trust? Who is this woman? And how will he stop himself from losing his heart? Will he learn to forgive the past in order to save the woman he loves?

You can learn more about Valia and her book at any of these places: