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Monday, November 07, 2011

Creative Workshops I'm Planning

To my Amarillo, Texas and Texas Panhandle area peeps: If you have a second, (and an interest in creativity or creative writing), I would appreciate it if you’d read on and answer the 3 brief questions at the bottom. Cut/paste/ and email your answers to me at books@jenniferarcher.com or message me on Facebook. Also, please forward this to anyone you know with an interest in these topics.

Since publishing my first novel thirteen years ago, I’ve presented workshops, talks, and classes in creativity and creative writing for clubs, organizations, and in the classroom. I enjoy sharing with others what I’ve learned as a writer, so I’m planning three six-week workshops I’d like to offer in 2012. Your feedback will be extremely helpful to me.

The workshops I’m planning are:
  1. Jumpstarting Your Creativity – This workshop is not only for writers, it’s for anyone wanting to live more creatively, take your current creative pursuits to the next level, or rediscover your creative passions, whatever they may be, if you’ve lost them as an adult.
  2. Organic Writing: Unearthing the Story in Your Idea – This will be an intense 6 to 8 week workshop that will meet once a week. Students must already have an idea for a story in order to participate, and the workshop will help you to develop it into a complete story.
  3. Writing a Kick-Ass Book Proposal – This workshop is for writers with a completed (or almost completed) novel who are ready to start putting together a proposal to submit to agents and/or editors. We’ll cover, step-by-step, writing the Query Letter, Synopsis, and sample chapters of YOUR BOOK, and will discuss studying the market to know where to submit. Fiction only.  
Please put “Proposed Workshops” in the subject line when emailing your answers to the following questions. Feel free to add your thoughts/comments/suggestions and to ask questions of your own. Thanks!

  1. CHECK ANY CLASSES THAT MIGHT BE OF INTEREST TO YOU, AND/OR CHECK ‘OTHER’ AND LIST A CLASS TOPIC(S) YOU WOULD LIKE TO SEE ADDED. (a) Jumpstarting Your Creativity____ (b)  Organic Writing: Unearthing the Story in Your Idea_____ (c) Writing a Kick-Ass Book Proposal___
(d) Other_______________________________________________________________________


3. HOW LONG WOULD YOU PREFER TO BE IN "CLASS" ONCE PER WEEK? 1 hr____ 1.5 hrs____ 2 hrs_____


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Anita Grace Howard said...

All three of these workshops sound Spectacular! It's going to be hard to pick just one. :) Very excited about these classes, Jenny.