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Monday, May 16, 2011

Talkin' Books in the Texas Hill Country

Hi y'all! The Chills and Thrills Teen Book Tour is underway and I'm having a blast! I've posted a couple of photos below. So far, we've had events in San Antonio at Barnes and Noble in the Shops at La Cantera, and at Book People in Austin The bookstore people have been wonderful to us and they really got the word out! We've had a great turn out at both places, and I've had such fun talking with teens and tweens, parents, librarians and the other authors about books and writing and the publishing biz. The conversations have been lively and interesting; we've been asked questions about everything from what inspires our stories, to our feelings, as authors, about the ebook phenomenon. And I am amazed at how many awesome young people out there are already writing their own novels! I'm impressed!

I am kicking myself because I forgot to bring my camera to the San Antonio event, but I did get some shots from the Austin stop at Book People.

In this one:
authors from left to right in back -- me, Tracy Deebs, Jordan Dane, Lara Chapman 
In front row -- two awesome readers

And here are the authors, minus Lara Chapman (who was off talking to one of her fans, I'm sure!)
Me, Tracy Deebs, Sophie Jordan, Mari Mancusi, Jordan Dane, Tera Lynn Childs (Sorry it's so small but for some odd reason it blurs when I try to make it larger)

Today, I'm working (and doing a lot of chilling out!) in Dallas. Tomorrow I'm talking to 7th graders in Irving. A close friend from my college days is their teacher, so I'm really excited to spend time with her and her fantastic students! I hope to post photos tomorrow night! 

Until then, happy reading! 


Anita said...

Lovely pictures! I'm glad your having such a good time Jenny. I can't wait to read more posts. :) Be safe and have fun!

Jennifer said...

Thanks, Anita.

April said...

Glad you're having such an awesome time, Jenny! My friend's daughter heard you speak here, and is really excited about your book, Through Her Eyes! She loved your visit.

Jennifer said...

Cool, April! Do you know her name? I might remember her.

Valia Lind said...

Ah, I'm glad you're having fun! You need to come to AZ so we can meet! Just thought I'd throw that in there :-)

April said...

Her name is Shelby Cerial.