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Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Seven Random Facts

When I accepted the Stylish Blogger Award, bestowed upon me by the ever-so-creative Anita Howard at A Still and Quiet Madness, I agreed to post seven random facts about myself. So without further ado...
 Seven Random Facts
  1. I know how to dance the "Funky Chicken." I acquired this knowledge while attending college. Yes, my tuition was well spent.  

2. My first real kiss was a guy named Johnny. He was a lifeguard at the pool where

my friends and I swam in the summers. He looked like a lifeguard, too: sun-bleached hair, very tan, gorgeous. I was fifteen and mega shy. That was a spectacular summer. Alas, it ended before the leaves began to change color and school started. Sigh.
3. When taking driver's ed at the age of sixteen, I turned into oncoming traffic on a busy street one day, backed over a parking lot median on another day, and never mastered parallel parking. Two years later, I ran into my driver's ed instructor in a McDonald's restaurant in the town where I was attending college. When I told him he had been my instructor and started to remind him of my name, he interrupted, saying, "Jenny Browder -- I remember. How could I ever forget?" 
4. One of the first stories I ever wrote was a limerick called, "A Frog Named Fred and a Fly Named Flo," about a frog and a fly that fall in love. I was in elementary school. My grandmother thought it was wonderful and funny. She sent it to Readers' Digest and was quite disgusted with them when they didn't publish it.

5. When I was a kid, I loved to eat mustard sandwiches. Mustard and bread. That's it. 

6. I often forget where I parked and have been known to wander through Walmart parking lots, hopelessly lost, while pushing a cart filled with groceries. 

7. A moth once flew into my ear and got stuck. Every time its wings fluttered I completely freaked out. My husband had to pull it out with a pair of tweezers. 


    Travis Erwin said...

    Mustard really?

    Anita said...

    I'm sorry, Jenny. You're going to have to repost this sans the HOT bodied fellow in the second picture. Can't. Seem. To. Look. Away. LOL

    Great details! I think you need to bequeath this to Travis now. Wouldn't that look pretty on his Lettuce is Devil blog? Plus, I'm dying to know what he'd come up w/for his seven. Probably something involving a side of beef and jumper cables. Hmm.

    Travis Erwin said...

    So Anita what you are saying it is now stylish to believe Lettuce Is the Devil?

    Anita said...

    LOL. You're awesome, Mr. Witty!

    Okay, I'll give you that. I'll even go so far as to admit it's stylish to love beef. But only if it's BEEFCAKE, like Mr.Luscious up there in the post. ;) Stylish.

    Jennifer said...

    Yes, Travis. Mustard! I still love mustard. Come to think of it, I might even like a mustard sandwich if I gave one another try. Anita, I couldn't resist posting the lifeguard photo. I think I have an old picture of the actual lifeguard that I "dated" at 15. (I was 15. He was 17) Hmm. I wonder if that would be wrong of me to post it without his permission?!

    Leanna Ellis said...

    Oh my! Jennifer, our writing styles are sooo similar! My first 'book' to write was in 6th grade. It was a picture book called The Bicentennial Frog. :)

    LRAtRandom said...

    For me it was ketchup and bread sandwiches. I still love ketchup but I can't bring myself to try a sandwich again, haha.

    Jennifer said...

    Great minds think alike, Le! LRAtRandom, I only like ketchup on french fries!