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Friday, May 06, 2011

My Very Own Award Show

Here ye, here ye! It's finally here -- the day we've all been anxiously awaiting: My announcement of the blogs I've chosen to receive The Stylish Blogger Award, which was bestowed upon me by Anita Howard at A Still and Quiet Madness.

I won't keep you waiting another moment. Let's get to it! The winning bloggers are:

1. Travis Erwin for his blog: Lettuce is the Devil (The culinary dogma of a devout meat man).Although I'm a fan of veggies and disagree with Travis's belief that they're evil, this blog is just plain funny! 
2. Valia Lind for her blog: Words are Things (My journey as a writer).  I love to talk about writing, I love book recommendations, I love book trailers and vlogs. This blog has it all!
3. Kayeleen Hamblin for her blog: Kayeleen's Creation Corner. Kayeleen's thoughtful posts inspire me.
4. Jen Daiker for her blog: Unedited. This is a fun, informative blog!
5. Leanna Ellis's blog. She posts about kids, pets and writing -- three of my all-time favorite things!

Congratulations to my winners! Your award, should you choose to accept it, comes with a few rules. They are that you must:

1. Thank and link to the person who nominated you.
2. Share seven random facts about yourself on your blog.
3. Pass the award along to five buddies whose blogs epitomize said theme.
4. Contact those buddies to congratulate them.


Leanna Ellis said...

I am so humbled and grateful to accept this award… :) Thanks, Jennifer!

Kayeleen Hamblin said...

Thank you Jennifer for the award! It is such an honor. I accept wholeheartedly and look forward to passing it on to another deserving soul.

Jennifer said...

YOu are welcome, my ladies. Congrats!

Anita said...

Congrats to all of the winners! I actually know a few of these ladies myself, and they're wonderful bloggers. :) Well deserved.

Travis Erwin said...

Thanks for bestowing this meaty award upon me. I shall try and do it justice.