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Monday, March 21, 2011

Thoughts from a Teen Writer: Phantom of the Opera

A post from my writing intern, Allison:
I'm currently reading The Phantom of the Opera by Gaston Leroux. I'm at chapter twelve right now and I love the story but Raoul seems like a cry-baby. When he sees Christine listening to the Opera Ghost with rapture, he starts to cry because of the way Christine feels about the voice. I really like the whole story about the ghost and how he teaches Christine to sing and the tragedy of how he loves her and wants her to love him despite his appearance. The one thing that I didn't like is how the Opera Ghost tries to make Christine love him when it probaby would've been better for him if he didn't force her. I like that in some ways it's similar to the movie made in 2004 because it helps create visuals when reading the book. Usually, I either like the movie better than the book but both are amazing.
Jennifer had told me about a book Phantom by Susan Kay and now I want to read it because it's about the Phantom's childhood. I read a review that said that it's one of the best adaption from The Phantom of the Opera. So the movie made me interested in the book which made me interested in Phantom.


Anita said...

Congratulations, Allison! Gaston Leroux's novel is a challenge to even a seasoned writer to read. You should be commended for finishing it. And thank you for your wonderful insights!

I think Jenny's told me about the "PHANTOM" novel, too. It's on my wish list at Amazon. Thanks for the wonderful post!

Krista said...

There is a really great review of Phantom by Susan Gray on you-tube, her user name is Nehomas2 and it was posted a couple of months ago, she does an awesome job of reviewing, you should check it out if you have time

Jennifer said...

I'll definitely check it out, Krista! And I'll tell Allison about it, too. Thanks for telling us about it!