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Monday, March 28, 2011

Thoughts from a Teen Writer: Inspiration

A great post from my teen writing intern, Allison!
So, sometimes I have a little trouble figuring out how to continue a scene or come up with something new. I get stuck and irritated: why can’t I write anything that I like? Listening to music is one of my biggest sources of inspiration. I listen to music as much as I can and love discovering new bands or bands I just never thought to listen to. When I’m completely stuck, I’ll listen to music. Almost every song can strike a certain emotion inside me, thus making me feel like I can keep going with the story and that, no, I don’t need to give up. The soundtrack to “The Phantom of the Opera” is probably one of the most inspiring cds I have. The flowing, sometimes sad instrumental and vocal music creates so many different emotions: sadness, sympathy, urgency, deep love and it goes on. In the music, I can feel the passion, the tragedy of the story. Music can sometimes explain what a person’s feeling better than words can. Bubbly pop songs make me think of the carefree days of summer and I feel energetic and this will make me write more energetic, light scenes. All in all, music is my main inspiration.
I also get inspiration from actual people. (Who doesn’t? J) Strangers are perfect because you don’t know who they actually are, you don’t know their story. This enables you to create any story at all to go with this person. Working at a library has helped me see these possibilities. There are some people who I see frequently while others are fleeting. Those that do come in a lot create different questions in my mind: why do they always come here? Do they just like the quietness of the library or do they want to get away from something? What is there story? Many ideas will jump out at me and when one presents itself a little more clearly in my head, I grab onto that story and start writing. It may morph into something totally unexpected but that’s what, in my opinion, is what writing is about. The inspiration is infinite.

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