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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Where, Oh Where Have the Ghoulies Gone?

Here I sit on Halloween night with my porch light on and a huge bowl of goodies by the door and nary a knock have I heard. This makes me sad for the following reasons:

1. I fear parents have concluded that trick-or-treating has become too risky. It's a sad day when it's dangerous to trick or treat around the neighborhood.
2. I remember how much fun I had and that my kids had trick-or-treating, and I hate for this new generation of kids to miss out on that experience.
3. I miss seeing all the children in costumes and hearing them call out "Trick or Treat!"
4. As I said, I have a giant bowl of candy, and if I don't give it away, I will be forced to eat it myself.

If you're in the mood for a dark tale on this Halloween night, hop on over to the Once Upon A Review blog and read the YA Spooktacular:Tales From the Grave stories DARKNESS and MY SOUL TO BARE. Two fabulously creative bloggers named Danielle and Khelsea came up with the idea for the YA Spooktacular event -- two serial/chain stories written in installments by different authors on different blogs. (I wrote the 5th installment of DARKNESS). It's fun to follow the stories and watch how each author took what was written before and put their own unique twist on it. I was honored to be asked to participate!

Have a safe and fun Halloween!


BethDazzled said...

I'm in the same big-bowl-of-candy-in-my-lap boat. Not one pirate or vampire or mermaid. Halloween is supposed to be the one day of the year when all the para becomes normal. And I want to see it!

Big tear to no trick-or-treaters. :(

Jennifer said...

Keep the faith, Beth. My doorbell is ringing as we speak!

Tammy Jones said...

We had a TON of trick or treaters, surely 60 or more. I even had to mooch candy off my college-aged daughter (leftover from her Halloween party) because we ran through our five bags.

And, yes, it is really sad that more parents don't take their kids out to have fun. Not everyone is a real life boogeyman, after all.

Jennifer said...

Glad you had a lot of trick-or-treaters, Tammy. We finally started to get some action and ended up with a total of around twenty. I have always loved Halloween! I understand that parents can't just let their little ones go alone through the neighborhood as we did when I was a child, but as long as the parents go along, it seems pretty safe in most neighborhoods in my city.

Anita said...

Hey Jenny! Great post! I agree, it's sad about the missing treaters. It really does seem to have something to do with location, though. My parents live about four blocks shy of me, and they had upwards of sixty kiddos. WAH. I'm like you, a big bowl of candy that I'm left wondering what to do with. Bleck.

I'm going to jump over and look at that ongoing spooky story later tonight. Can't wait to see what you came up with! And congrats on being invited to joing in. How fun!