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Monday, October 25, 2010

Perfect Movies for Halloween

I love spooky movies. Not the slash and dash kind; I’m not a big Friday the 13th or Saw fan, for instance. I like my chills with a ripple of psychological suspense. The Mothman Prophecies, Identity and The Sixth Sense are three of my all-time favorites. They don’t just terrify the audience, they make us think and question and try to figure out what’s going on. The music in these movies really add to the eerie atmosphere, as well. I listened to the sound tracks of  The Mothman Prophecies and Identity while writing Through Her Eyes. Music can really set a mood.

Over the weekend, I saw two new movies at the theater – Catfish and Hereafter. They weren’t really scary, but definitely had a creepy feel. Catfish involves social networking and it was interesting, but I kept waiting for the big, shocking revelation at the end that the commercials and reviews promised and it never really materialized. Hereafter, which was directed by the brilliant Clint Eastwood, was a lovely movie in many ways, but very slow and without a lot of plot. Thought-provoking, but not about anything most of us haven’t pondered many times before. Matt Damon is always great, though, and his performance didn’t disappoint this time, either.    

If you like creepy movies and you haven't seen The Mothman Prophecies, Identity or The Sixth Sense, I recommend them. I also recommend Hereafter and Catfish, as long as you don't go into them expecting fast-paced thrills and surprising revelations.

What are your favorite eerie movies? I need some new ones to add to my list!


Anita said...

Hey Jenny!

Two of my faves are more artsy films and are in subtitles, but are well worth the extra effort to watch for their psychological / emotional factors.

One has a gut wrenching macabre ending: "The Orphanage" by Guillermo Del Toro. He's such an amazing director.

Another really good film is "Let the Right One In," (not to be confused with the badly redone Americanized version, "Let Me In..." I heard we really stunk it up in translation). Anyway, Let the Right One In is a twist on the whole vampire plot, making the bloodsucking monster a sad little girl who only wants to be loved. It's amazingly well done.

But if you're wanting just pure SCARY, watch Thirty Days of Night. It's a vampire thriller based off of a graphic novel and the chills aspects are off the charts. Heh.

I'll have to watch some of the ones you mentioned! Great post, girl!

Jennifer said...

I will definitely check out those movies you mentioned, Anita. They sound interesting!

Leanna Ellis said...

Hey, Jennifer! Haven't seen Identity but will have to check it out. I loved Sixth Sense! I also loved Poltergeist but haven't seen it in ages.



Entre Nous said...

Aw, good for you, I totally fogot a movie list in my All Hallow's Eve posts, Cudos :}