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Monday, October 11, 2010

My Angel Reading

It’s October – my favorite month. I love the crisp, cool air. I love the gypsy-skirt colors of the leaves on the trees. I love pumpkin patches and Halloween. As a matter-of-fact, Halloween is my favorite holiday. Candy and Jack-o-lanterns and kids in costumes; what could be better?

In honor of October and Halloween I’m going to blog this month about all things Autumn, including ghosts and ghouls and other mystical beings. I’ve written a few stories with paranormal elements in the course of my writing career; I love me some creepy books and movies and such; but I must admit that I’m an open-minded skeptic when it comes to such things in “real life.” Which brings me to angels. I’m an open-minded skeptic about saintly beings, too. I don’t have much of a religious background, and I question everything. Every. Thing. Which explains why, not so long ago, I was a close-minded skeptic.

However, that was before I had an angel-reading. Yes, that’s right; an angel-reading. A couple of years ago, I was working on a story that I’ve had to set aside to write other contracted books, and I needed to research clairvoyants. So I called a local psychic I’d heard about. (I’ll call her Drusilla because, well, it sounds worthy of a mystic, right?)

Drusilla told me she does “angel readings.” She believes everyone has at least one guardian angel and she attempts to make contact with them. To her credit, she told me ahead of time that if my angel wasn’t forthcoming, she would not be able to tell me anything. Also to her credit, Drusilla charged nothing. I could pay her whatever amount I chose to pay, or nothing at all.

Drusilla came to my house one afternoon. She is a pretty, middle-aged woman. We sat at my kitchen table and chatted for about 20 minutes about the weather, our children, and other generic things. Then she asked if I was ready for my reading, and I said ‘yes.’ I wasn’t nervous – this was strictly for research purposed, mind you. I didn’t believe in this “nonsense,” although I respected her right to believe. Drusilla trained her gaze over my shoulder and told me I had one angel and two muses. Then she proceeded to tell me a series of things that turned me from a close-minded skeptic into an open-minded one. Here are just a few things she said that had me slapping a hand across my mouth and muttering, “Oh. My. God.”

1. “You’ve been having trouble with your left foot, but if you’ll see a doctor, it can be taken care of.” (True and true. I have a neuroma in my left foot. I don’t limp, so there is no way she could’ve known this. I have since seen a doctor and I’m going to have surgery to “fix” it.)

2. “I’m being told that you’ll be going on a trip soon, somewhere north where it’s cold. Possibly Boston, but I’m not getting a clear message as to the exact place. The trip will lead to an offer. You will have to decide if you want to go through with it or go a different direction.” (True and true. My publisher at the time was sending me to Toronto for a presentation. While there, I found out about a new line of Young Adult fiction they were starting. That led to me pulling out a young adult manuscript I had worked on in the past and set aside. I reworked it, my agent submitted it to them, and they made an offer on it. However, my agent sent it to other publishers, too. I had a second offer, and I had to decide which one to take.)

3. “I see you surrounded by houses. Old houses. Several. I don’t know what this means, but they seem to be an integral part of your life.” (True. My husband and I own several rental properties. All of the houses we own are old.)

4. “I am getting that you are working on a book that involves history. Someone who has passed on in your life knows that you are interested in using some of his family stories, and he wants you to know that he would be tickled if you would use them.” (WOW. I was working on a novel that I hope to return to some day. It involved the dust bowl. I had been looking for a book I had misplaced that a member of my husband’s family had put together. It includes many family stories, including my father-in-law’s family stories about their experiences during the dust bowl. I had not been able to locate my copy of the book. My father-in-law had “passed on.” He often used the word “tickled” when he was alive. I have since found his family’s book. )

There were many more statements made by the clairvoyant that were so on target, I couldn’t explain them away. So, I ask you, have you ever experienced anything like this that you couldn’t explain?


dee said...

Oh Hell yeah!!!like the knocking on the pantry door that sounds like a little mischievous kid...and the pantry light that goes on and off all the time...then there is the shadow that passes by that you can see out of the corner of your eye...it brings a cold breeze past your arm no matter where you sit....but that's how it is...when you live in a castle the ghosts come with it....

georgina said...

It was one hot, September night. The weather was perfect for that time of the year so I kept my window opened for the night as I slept.
It was the last weekend before my school started so I was a little bit excited, enough for me not to fall deeply asleep.
All of a sudden I was awaken by a thunder and drizzling rain.I heard the tolling of the bell from the church just above my street. It was 5:30am.It was still dark outside, maybe an hour more before sunrise.
I heard some kids running , trying not to get wet, going home from a night out.
I decided not to close my window , because although it was raining , it was impeccably calm, just the sprinkling of the rain. I thought it would lull me to sleep.
Then I heard it. The most beautiful voice I've ever heard in my life.Amazingly celestial, but at same time so eerie, uncanny and haunting. And the thing is, even though I'm into languages, I've never in my life heard a language in which that high, female voice sang.
At first I was annoyed, because I was sleepy and that crazy person was keeping me awake. And who for God's sake was singing in the middle of the street, at 5:30 in the morning, in the rain.
But as I processed what was going on, I began to shiver, all of a sudden, it was too cold. I angrily rose from my bed to look at the street but as soon as I extended my head through the window, it stopped, and the calmness reappeared. Displeased I shut the window and hurried back to the bed. But immediatly after I closed it, it began again, although my window is soundproof. I was petrified. I lay in my bed, with my pillow covering my ears, shaking, trembling and quivering from pure terror, because I heard it no matter what.
I spent half an hour squeezed in the bed, before I heard the bell toll once again, indicating it was 6:00am.
Three minutes later, it was over.
My father woke up and I finally began to cry.
He and my mother were positive I was just dreaming, but I know I was not. I woke up, I closed the window, I looked at my clock at 6:03, I never went to sleep after the thunder. It was real.
It has been a year.
Now, when it rains, and the nights are similar to that one, I swear a shudder spreads trough my body and I keep expecting to hear it again. I pray that I don't, and I live assuring myself it was just a dream, but deep down I know it was not.

Jennifer said...

So you haven't run off your resident ghost, huh Dee?!

Georgina, that's quite a story! I've also had incidents occur that I've tried to convince myself were dreams, but know deep down they weren't!