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Monday, August 11, 2008

The Pros Of Making Fiction-Writing A Profession

Ditching the "real" job to write full-time is the dream for most writers, yes? It was my dream and it finally came true more than four years ago. Following are what I've found to be a few of the high-points of that decision--the "pros" as opposed to the "cons."

1. I can work in my pj's, or my underwear, or even stark naked if I'm so inclined, though I've never tried that since I'm cold-natured.
2. I make my own hours. I don't have to get up with the sun. I can work 14 hours on Monday and 2 hours on Tuesday. No time clock to punch or boss looking over my shoulder.
3. I get to make up stories and get paid for it (well...most of the time). What could be more awesome than that? I get to lie for a living, look out the window and dream while sitting at my desk, talk to myself, as well as to imaginary people. (All these things would get me into trouble in most any other profession. And might even get me a trip to a room with no windows while wearing a straight jacket).
4. I get to meet a lot of interesting characters. Some of them are real, some of 'em aren't.
5. Sometimes I'm fortunate to receive a glowing review of my work, or readers say flattering things about my writing. Once a woman at my booksigning told me she had stayed up until 3 in the morning reading my novel ONCE UPON A DREAM, and she said it made her laugh. She said, "what a wonderful talent you possess." Talk about an ego rush. Another woman at a different signing told me my novel THE ME I USED TO BE touched her emotionally, and that she was so overcome with emotion at the ending that she had to explain to the girl doing her pedicure why she was crying.
6. I've met many, many other writers and a few of them have become my best friends.
7. I don't have to drive during rush hour...on icy roads...wear real makeup or "dress up" clothes.

8. Booksignings in exotic locations. There's a picture of one of mine in Toronto to the right--I'm the one with my head down, and yes, when you live in Texas, Canada is considered to be an exotic location. Here's another photo of one of my signings in Hawaii (below).

9. Flowers from my publisher. (And once...Champagne!)

Stay tuned for the flip-side of this coin--The Cons Of Making Fiction-Writing A Profession...coming soon to this blog.

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