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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Catching Up

I had good intentions for keeping up with my blog. Really I did. Then life got in the way. Life has a way of doing that. I won't bore you with the details, but book release dates and deadlines,etc. got moved around and I found myself with one month --the month of May-- to basically rewrite a book. And I already had a trip planned to Montana with the family to help my oldest son who lives there get his condo ready to sell before he moves. (We bought it when he started college for him to live in and he'll be leaving soon for six months in Argentina to study Spanish. Then, shortly after that, he'll graduate.) I couldn't bring myself to stay home. Even if I only got to eat lunch and dinner with him, I wanted the time with my son and the rest of the family. It was a solid week of work--I worked on my book while hubby and two sons worked on the condo. I even took a day and a half to help them put on the finishing touches. But it was a good time. I love Montana and it is beautiful there in May. Also, we have come to know many of our son's friends up there and they are all going differnt directions now so it was good to see them for what may be a final time. Sob.

All that to say, that's where I've been and what I've been doing. I'm happy to say I met my June 1 deadline. Now I'm taking some time off to go on a trip with hubby and friends to celebrate mutual birthdays that end in a big fat zero! Can't wait. Let's just say I'll be sipping cool drinks on a beach. More on that later.

Here's the new scoop on the books. The new book is tentatively titled ANNIE ON THE LAM: A CHRISTMAS CAPER. This story is quite different than any I've written for Next before. Actually, it's quite different than any book I've written period. A romantic suspense that is a mix of sexy/funny/light and sexy/serious/dark. This is the book I've been working on like crazy this month. It's been a wild ride writing it, and I hope reading it is a wild ride , too.

Then, my novel WHAT SHE NEVER EXPECTED comes out in either March or April of 2008. It was originally supposed to come out in Nov. 07, but things changed. I love this story. I hope you'll keep it on your "To Buy" list.

The novella I wrote for the More Than Words Anthology comes out in April 08, too. Writing this story was a wonderful experience and I am thrilled and so impressed with the charity I was assigned to write about. (Bears Without Borders). My story, HANNAH'S HUGS, is emotional and touching, if I do say so. I hope you'll wait for it, too. Plus the proceeds from the sale go to help out Bears Without Borders and the other chosen charities. To find out more about the charities chosen and the authors writing the stories, go to www.eharlequin.com and scroll to the very bottom of the page. Click on the More than Words link.

Now I have a great new website and and fantastic talented new author for you to check out. My friend Leanna Ellis just launched her website at www.leannaellis.com and it is not to be missed! You'll want to read all about her and her upcoming release ELVIS TAKES A BACKSEAT. I had the honor of reading a lot of this story in its early stages and I promise you you'll want to buy this book! Go to www.leannaellis.com and check it out!

More news--my talented friend Candace Havens has a new book on the shelves this month! CHARMED AND DEADLY, the third book in her fantastic Bronwyn series is for sale. If you've read the first two Bronwyn books, you know how fun and entertaining Candy's books are. If you've never read Candace Havens, get yourself to a bookstore asap!

So...that's it! I hope you'll check out my website at www.jenniferarcher.net from time to time to see if the new covers for my upcoming books are there, plus I'll be updating information whenever I can. I hope to put up new photos, too.

Happy Reading,


Jennifer Archer


Desperate Writer said...

Your blogs have been missed!

You've been working really hard, and I'm glad you got to be in Montana and spend time with your son, and that you get to go to a nice, sunny beach for some relaxation!

Thanks for the tip on Leanne's website!

Shannon Canard said...

Annie on the Lam sounds like a lot of fun. Can't wait to read to that one!

Jennifer said...

Hi DW and Shannon,

Thanks for dropping in. Always nice to know I'm not talking to myself here! I'm back from beautiful Mexico and I hope to post photos as soon as I catch up with laundry, mail, etc.

Adios for now!


Travis Erwin said...

Yes we are out here. PATIENTLY waiting on your posts. It's always a toss up who will go longer between posts, you or Britta.

Sorry not to see you at FIW this year, but glad to hear you have a few things in the works. Look forward to reading.

Jennifer said...

Hi Travis,

Thanks for letting me know you're out there! And for waiting so patiently for me to post! Hated to miss FIW. Can't wait to hear all about it!

dee said...

okay so that's it....no more of this nice writer crap....update your blog and tell us what its really like....umm... burn out...frustrations...and the thrill of tater tots in the morning....all that fun 'writer' stuff....BTW....quit my job...writing for a living now....email me....lets do lunch

dee said...

"Forgive me father for I have sinned, it's now been 50 days since my last post".....if the days between posting exceed your age, its time for confession....

Jennifer said...

I know, I know! I've had a very full plate. Last minute rush to help get one son off to Argentina to study Spanish (long story--not his fault, but the program's). Followed by a week long birthday trip to Mexico. Followed by a week long trip to Tennessee during which I drove two days, looked at houses two days, made and offer on a house, then flew home to find galley's for my December book release waiting, as well as lots of paperwork to pull together for the Tennessee house loan. Also came home to the shock and heartache of my long-time friend Ronda Thompson's ordeal in the hospital and Hospice, and finally her sad and unbelievable death. During all of the above, I've been preparing for my sister's wedding, which will take place at my house. (Thankfully, a joyous occasion!)

How's that for a whopper of an excuse! Or excuses, if you will. Updating my website and blog is on my list of priorities for this weekend. Check back soon! And thanks for caring. :-)