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Monday, April 23, 2007

A Hardcover In My Future!

Great news came to me today in a letter from my publisher. The More Than Words, Volume 4 anthology scheduled for release a year from now, (April 2008) will be in gift hardcover rather than trade paperback format. Very exciting! And great for Mother's Day gifts. I really love the story. It's called Hannah's Hugs and I enjoyed writing it so much. I'll keep you posted as the date draws closer, and you can read more about the More Than Words program, which is Harlequin's wonderful, generous philanthropic yearly project, on my website www.jenniferarcher.net under "News and Events" (scroll down a ways). The picture here is of the last More Than Words release, Volume 3.

I am happy to report that I kicked into gear today and made great headway on my book--in progress. I wrote at a coffee shop. Sometimes I think a change of surroundings (and getting out of the house) works wonders.

Check back here soon for photos of my backyard remodel. My husband is really creating an oasis for us in this dry, landlocked part of the country in which we live. We both love water -- the ocean, rivers, streams -- and decided the sound of water is something that's really missing in our lives. My little backyard sanctuary now has a beautiful pergola (arbor), and a gorgeous waterfall! I spent one sunny day planting bushes, etc. Things are really taking shape, though we still have a lot of planting to do. Good thing things are shaping up, because my sister is getting married back there the end of July! I think it's going to be a gorgeous celebration in more ways than one.

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Desperate Writer said...

I think that's great! It's good to get good news, especially like this.

And the oasis is really great. I know you will spend many relaxing hours there.

Jennifer said...

Thanks, DW!

Travis Erwin said...

Congrats! I look forward to reading it.

Desperate Writer said...

You’ve been tagged!

I wrote EIGHT RANDOM THINGS ABOUT ME, and now I’d like to read about you. To get instructions, go to my blog at

It’s fun! I’ll be curious to know who you tag. :)

(Don't worry. I know you are on deadline. Whenever you can get around to it!)